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Why so inattentive?

The New Zealand Women’s ODI team are finished with their demolition of Sri Lanka at the World Cup. That Sri Lanka are at this stage, with only six teams still in the competition, is remarkable. However, the New Zealand Women are title contenders at nearly every event they play at. If they slipped up they would likely doom their sport to cuts in funding and underinvestment, as the Women’s game is already undervalued. It is just as remarkable the New Zealand team are still up there too.

As I write this it is almost impossible to find attention being drawn to this in New Zealand. Coverage aimed at an international market talks about the World Cup to a small degree, and in depth coverage is undertaken by a small number of commentators.


Stuff at 8.40, during the 2nd innings of the match.

Notice an absence of anything? Women’s sport is represented in the form of prodigiously talented golfer Lydia Ko, however the Women’s cricket team are nowhere to be found. If the team does win the competition, there will be some coverage. Alas, the only game in town for Stuff is the struggling Men’s team, about to take on England. Fortunately, not every sporting website is blind to this, though it remains a heavy bias. This is a screen shot of the Cricinfo main page during the match. Mostly it is covering Men’s cricket, though the Women’s matches are given some profile, particularly the crunch  England vs Australia match.


The coverage, where it does exist, is often of a very high quality. Cricinfo carries strong coverage of this event, with match reports, features, specials and stats.

As well as this, there are some excellent blogs about Women’s cricket, here are some to check out:

But the fact remains that priority is given to the men’s over the women’s game. In New Zealand especially, this is crazy. We have so few winning teams to be talking about, and so much time is spent on the extended train crash that is the Men’s team that the women’s team gets drowned out.

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