not cricket / short form

Protection from what?

Jerry Collins, the former enforcer of the All Blacks, has been arrested in Japan for carrying aImage knife. His defence has implied that he feels the need for protection. Case details are so far sketchy, but the question must be asked, protection from what or whom?

It would be unwise to speculate too much, but it seems strange that anyone would want to take on Jerry Collins in a hand to hand fight. As such, anyone threatening him may well be doing so for economic reasons. Bookmakers that he has pissed off somehow? The potential assailant must be somewhat outside the law, or else Jerry wouldn’t be carrying a knife for protection, he would be carrying a phone with his lawyer’s number on speed dial.

Or it could just be that a lunatic or a stalker is threatening Collins. That would be one reason to carry a knife, as the random nature of that sort of threat would make one feel the need to be able to defend oneself at any time. While he is under arrest he is probably safer than he would otherwise be. Even so, I am sure that further details will emerge in this story, and I hope Collins is not the one making the threats.

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