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Jesse Ryder assaulted, in intensive care

News has broken this morning that Jesse Ryder was beaten up overnight in Christchurch. A witness described it as an unprovoked assault by four men, leaving Ryder bleeding, vomiting and convulsing. He is now in intensive care with a fractured skull. The attack may well end his career.

Poetic justice would be to tie the perpetrators feet to the ground at one end of a batting net, and have the fastest bowlers in the country bowl over after over of bouncers at them. No pads, no helmet, no bat. The scum who did this apparently knew exactly who he was, so in a perfect world the punishment would reflect cricket in some way.

Of course, nothing about this situation could ever be part of a perfect world. Ryder is a man with well acknowledged problems, and I sincerely hope this doesn’t set him back even further in his life. Messages of support are pouring in through twitter. If there is one thing people agree on about this polarising figure, it is that he didn’t deserve this horrific attack. Nobody who suffers a similar attack deserves it. To the men who did it, and to all men who get their fun from violently assaulting people, what the fuck were you thinking?

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